Every month at Caring People, we highlight a caregiver that has done outstanding work with their clients. In recognition of their achievement, caregivers receive a gift card and certificate of appreciation. We’re happy to announce Idalia Collazo as our Caregiver of the Month for July 2018 from the Clifton, New Jersey office! Idalia has been a caregiver for over 17 years and spent all but one of them working with Caring People. Her service with us has been exceptional and therefore we find it important to give her the spotlight she deserves. We had the pleasure of interviewing her and we learned a lot about herself and her experience as a caregiver.

Idalia grew up in Puerto Rico, and she’s happily married. She’s also a great dancer and loves going to the theater with her husband on her off days. She says she became a caregiver because she loves taking care of children and elderly patients. Idalia enjoys helping people knowing that it’s all about the giving and not what she might get in return. Proof of Idalia’s giving spirit is that she fostered two children who lived with her for several months until they were able to move to a stable home.

Idalia has a unique ability to build relationships with her clients and had one client for more than 9 years. She cared for her lovingly until her patient passed away. Idalia says she still remembers her dearly because after so many years, they became as close as family. The patient’s family remembers Idalia with love and they still keep in touch. All of these things show Idalia’s compassion and commitment to her work.

One of Idalia’s most challenging diagnosis to work with is caring for an elderly patient who is suffering from dementia. In those particular cases, patients tend to have trouble retaining new information and with comprehension. This can cause them to feel frustrated and become aggressive at times. Despite this, Idalia loves her job and she faces these challenges with the utmost professionalism. She understands that dealing with patients with dementia and all other conditions are part of the job and it only takes patience and understanding to successfully manage each patient. One of her current clients says she is one of the best aides she has ever had. She’s very reliable, professional and caring.

Idalia loves working for Caring People because of the friendly staff. She says the company has been very understanding when she’s needed to take some days off due for personal reasons. She appreciates that the Clifton team always considers her for new clients and is eager to keep Idalia working! While Idalia is appreciative of getting the award of ‘Caregiver of the Month’ she insists that it’s just part of her job and that she doesn’t feel she needs an award to feel motivated to get the job done.

The Caregiver of the Month program gives us the opportunity to reflect on our wonderful, caring, compassionate and kind caregivers. We are proud to have Idalia as part of the Caring People family. Congratulations Idalia and thank you for your work at Caring People!

Want to be Caregiver of the Month?
To feature as our Caregiver of the month, follow tips from those who’ve made it to the top. Here’s one valuable tip from Idalia:
“Remember to work hard and show professionalism along the way!”
To get more tips on how to excel as a caregiver check out our blog where you’ll find the most valuable content in this field.

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