As we enter into the ninth week of the pandemic, change has become a constant. It’s our new normal. We’re all experiencing some form of newness in our daily lives, whether it’s how we interact with our friends, “go” to work, or even shop for groceries. Care Management is no exception.

Care Managers are finding new ways to connect with patients when they might not be able to physically visit them in a facility or even in their homes. Like many others, their work is now done via telephone, video conferencing, and email.

Although it may look different, their ability and success of connecting clients to resources they need to increase their quality of life remains unchanged.

They’re still providing care to clients who need it most, especially those living at home. Care Managers are still an immensely helpful resource for families and elderly loved ones who need home health care.

Delivering care at home may have shifted, but the needs remain the same: assisting in a client’s telehealth medical needs, making sure the client and caregiver understands a diagnosis, and helping with changes in medication or prognosis all while continually communicating information to the family.

As the healthcare landscape continues to shift, so do we. Our Care Managers have begun safely meeting with clients at home – with strongest health and safety protocols – visually assessing a patient’s appearance, speech, and behavior.

For those that can’t be visited, extra calls and points of contact are made to provide social connection and stay updated on any changes in their health.

Some things don’t change. Care Managers continue to help families understand and navigate the care of their loved ones, keeping anxiety low, questions answered, and seniors safe and comfortable. Their skills, knowledge and expertise are needed now, more than ever to help people age well. That will never change.

What is Care Management?

Care Management is a service that provides an individual with a Care Manager, who acts as an advocate and ensures that their client’s health, social, financial, and legal needs are being met.

Our extensive knowledge of services and resources available to those with aging or disability related issues enables us to transform lives and help people achieve their potential.

Here’s how we can help with Care Management:

Assess the full spectrum of needs, from health and safety to legal and financial Personalized care plans Advocate for clients at medical appointments Help families adjust Monitor changes Manage home health care aides Available in time of crisis Care management services are comprehensive and provide a wide variety of services to help seniors within home care. We can help with advocacy, Medicaid applications, creating custom care plans, our Just Checking program, plus so much more.

Everyone’s story is unique. Our experienced Care Managers take the time to get to know you so they can provide the individual support you need to thrive.


We advocate to ensure that our client’s health, social, financial, and legal needs are being met.

Whether your loved one is living at home, staying at a nursing home, or healing in a rehabilitation facility or hospital, we are with you. Our team of care managers are passionate about the care they provide, safely advocating for your loved is their highest priority.

For instance, if your loved one is being discharged from rehab, we will help make their transition smooth by communicating with staff and coordinating care, making sure they have the right medications and doctor appointments and follow-ups.

At Caring People, we always support and encourage better health outcomes, appropriate medications and insurance coverage, and proper help in the home. First, we learn about your loved one – their desired lifestyle, medical requirements, and even their hobbies and interests – then we create a custom plan of care centered around their comfort, safety, requests, and health.

Medicaid Applications

Home healthcare is costly – many people find it difficult to navigate the insurance application process. Medicaid is one way to get the vital help you need.

Whether it’s care at home (Community Medicaid) or Chronic Care (Nursing Home) Medicaid, we can help you through the application process. Applying for Medicaid is complicated and time-consuming.

We help sort out myth from fact, reduce your stress with good information, and help simplify the process. From application to acceptance, we are with you the whole way. This service is available for our New York clients, only.

We can help navigate the Medicaid process whether you are applying for Community Medicaid (Home) or Chronic Care Medicaid (Nursing Home).

Working with Elder Law Attorneys, we’re there with you for even the most complex cases. As social workers, we can also help with placement and other family centered issues.

After the Medicaid Application is approved, getting the home care hours necessary for your optimal quality of life is the next, and most important step. Caring People can help advocate for the hours you need.

We are familiar with the evaluation process and can help provide the pertinent information to the nurse evaluator, encouraging a much smoother experience for you and your family. Even, if you’ve already taken care of the application process, we can help obtain and advocate for the home healthcare hours you need. We’re proud to be on your side.

*Available for New York only

Just Checking Program

At Caring People, we are passionate about what we do and we believe that everyone has the right to age with dignity and comfort in the familiarity of their own home. We take pride in providing customized services to all of our clients in every way possible.

Our Just Checking service includes Scheduled Safety Checks, designed to help you with care on an occasional basis, just when you need it. Just Checking is perfect for long distance care givers; we can even be present for your loved one during an emergency.

One monthly visit
Two monthly check-in calls
24/7 emergency support
Oversight by a Certified Care Manager
Call us today at 888.732.4884 for more information and to schedule services.

Custom Care Plans

Customized care that assesses your loved one’s needs and provides a healthy balance between independence and support.

Caring People takes a holistic approach to provide the most comfortable care environment for your loved one. This encompasses medication management, home safety, socialization, nutrition, spiritual needs, and family dynamics. Based on our keen assessment, we’re able to produce a tailored care plan to meet your individual needs.

We are here to help when you need us:

On call 24/7 for client needs
Flexible and fast scheduling
Regular quality assurance
Thorough care management and family support
With a plan specifically tailored to your loved one’s individual requirements, they can retain their independence while still providing peace of mind that help will be there when it’s needed.

Need care for your loved one at home? Give us a call today or fill out the contact form below!

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