Care Management

Care Management provides a range of services to help a person who is experiencing chronic or complex health conditions. The overall goal is to help you adjust to new realities, advocate for clients at medical appointments, and more.

Why choose our Care Management Services?

All of our Care Managers are Licensed Master Social Workers, or certified Care Managers with years of experience. We are aging experts who can assist you with your loved one’s medical, financial, and social needs. Our extensive knowledge of services and resources available to those with aging or disability issues allows us to transform lives and help people reach their potential. Whether you need a one-time assessment or ongoing support, we ensure that your loved one receives oversight, guidance, and care to give you continuous peace of mind.

Care Management Consultants:

  • Create, monitor, and manage personalized care plans.
  • Assess the full spectrum of needs, from health and safety to legal and financial.
  • Advocate for our clients at all medical appointments.
  • Help families adjust to the new realities.
  • Personal Care Assistants
  • Monitor and communicate changes.
  • Manage home health care aides.
  • Can be available in crises.

We advocate for your health, social, financial, and legal needs

Whether your loved one lives at home, is in a nursing home, or is recovering in a hospital or rehabilitation center, we are here to help. Our care managers are passionate about the care they provide. Protecting your loved ones is their top priority at all times. As an example, if your loved one is being discharged from rehab, we will coordinate their care, make sure they have all of their appointments and medications, and help make the transition a smooth one.

Caring People encourages and supports better health outcomes, appropriate medication coverage and insurance, and proper home assistance. Initially, we learn about your loved one – their preferred lifestyle, medical needs, hobbies, and interests – and then we create a customized care plan that focuses on their comfort, safety, requests, and health.

Our focus is on you; we would be delighted to assist your loved one in aging in place and become an integral part of your family.

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Caring People specializes in a wide range of home care programs & services

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Caring People specializes in a wide range of home care services

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Caring People specializes in a wide range of home care services