Caring People of Pompano Beach has an excellent reputation not only among the people within It’s circle but also among the adjoining communities and beyond. A little over a month ago I got the opportunity to work with the most awesome client, she advised me her doctor recommended Caring People to her 2 years ago when she had her first surgery done. She told me the doctor had only high praises for the entire staff; she went on to explain how she was happy she had chosen Caring People and that she had to go with them for this second surgery. I’ve been working for Caring People as a home health aide and so far I can only testify of how supportive, professional and flexible this agency has been to me. My contact person at Caring People is Cardes, she is absolutely one of the nicest person I’ve come across. She possesses very good leadership and strong communication skills. The thing I love most about Cardes though is that she is always available to rectify any situation. Thank you Caring People and keep up the good job.

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