I’ve been in healthcare over 30 years overall between being a Certified Telemetry Technician, SR. EKG Technician, and CHHA. I have chosen to stay as a CHHA for close personal reasons. Which is why I enjoy working for Caring People. This is the first agency I have worked for that makes you feel appreciated for your skills, and understands caregivers on a personal level. They listen to your concerns, and suggestions as well. I have faced serious cases, caught completely by surprise by my findings, and just one call to my superiors matters have been resolved expeditiously. That’s professionalism, caring, and courtesy not just to me as an employee, but to the family’s I have been assigned to as well. Whatever the issue has been, it has been resolved without hesitation. I would highly recommend working for Caring People, as well as an agency for your loved ones. We all take caring to heart.

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