The first time our mother said that, we knew that Jheanell had made a real connection with her. Our mother is an independent, opinionated and articulate woman who had a long career as a teacher and who has traveled the world. It wasn’t easy to convince her, as she reached her 90s, that having some assistance with her daily routine would make things easier for her – and would reassure us. In Jheanell, Caring People found the perfect match for our mom. Jheanell shares many of our mother’s values and priorities: family comes first, education is important, personal expectations are high, and it’s best to dress up for each day! Jheanell takes care and supports with respect and affection. She is unbelievably creative in solving difficulties in a way that leaves mom’s sense of independence intact and she anticipates needs and challenges before they even occur to us. She made sure throughout the difficult months of the shutdown that our mom was engaged, stimulated, and on Zoom! She is proactive and helps our mother organize and navigate her activities and calendar. Clearly, mom knows that she has Jheanell’s support and she welcomes her counsel and companionship. We know this because not a week goes by without our mom telling us how lucky she feels to spend time with Jheanell, the ‘gem of the Amsterdam.’

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