Every month at Caring People, we highlight a caregiver that has done outstanding work with their clients. In recognition of their achievement, caregivers receive a gift card and certificate of appreciation. We’re happy to announce John as our Caregiver of the Month for November 2020 from our Long Island, New York branch!

When our Long Island branch had the opportunity to nominate a caregiver of the month, choosing John was a very easy decision!

John has been dedicated to the Caring People team for over a year and has been providing excellent care to his clients ever since.

Our team and clients describe John as “outstanding, kind, and caring!” Every client John cares for raves about him!

Want to be Caregiver of the Month?
To feature as our Caregiver of the Month, follow our company motto: provide quality, compassion, and trust!

To get more tips on how to excel as a caregiver check out our blog where you’ll find the most valuable content in this field.

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